Our Team in Berlin

A. M.

studied education, sociology and adult education and completed further training in client-centered counseling and interviewing.

Before joining veritas, she worked for several years in a counseling center for religious extremism. There she advised various people and coordinated political education work and prevention in schools. She has been dealing with conspiracy narratives for several years, as she was also confronted with them in her private life and therefore wanted to understand the modes of action behind conspiracy narratives.

T. P.

is a state-approved social pedagogue/social worker and protestant deacon. Since 2018, he has been working as a project coordinator in the prevention of right-wing extremism. There, T. P. has primarily designed and conducted further and advanced training for pedagogical professionals. When dealing with conspiracy narratives, T. P. includes not only psychological and sociological dimensions, but also religious and theological aspects for understanding and dealing with this phenomenon.

N. V.

studied sociology (with a small focus on educational science) and social theory. Since 2017 he has been working in right-wing extremism prevention and distancing work. Since then, his focus has been on the coordination, conception and implementation of contemporary projects of right-wing extremism prevention, both with young people and in the field of further education. He specializes in questions of narrative-biographical conversation as well as the critical-turned-attitude in dealing with radicalized people. For a number of years, N.V. has been working on the phenomenon of conspiracy ideologies and, in particular, on their relationship to anti-semitism.

S. W.

studied cultural studies, sociology and migration and diversity. She is currently training to become a systemic consultant. S.W. has been working in civic education for five years. Since 2019, she has been working as a project coordinator for the prevention of group hatred and right-wing extremism. She has designed and implemented trainings for youth workers as well as workshops for young adults. Since 2019, S.W. has been focusing on conspiracy narratives and their modes of action.

Tobias Meilicke

studied political science, Islamic studies and sociology. Between 2015 and 2020, he built up the prevention and counseling center against religiously based extremism in Schleswig-Holstein PROvention and led it until his departure. During this time, he was able to constantly expand his knowledge of counseling and therapy approaches and completed further training in systemic individual, couple and family therapy, among other things. In addition, he is a trained specialist in the protection of children at risk according to §8a SGB VIII. He is currently undergoing a four-year in-service training program to become a Gestalt therapist. Tobias Meilicke has been working intensively with conspiracy narratives since 2019.

Our Team in Sachsen-Anhalt

J. G.

studied educational science with a focus on adult education. She has been working for many years as a pedagogical project leader, among other things in the accompaniment and counseling of volunteer mentors. Interest in communication and the desire for further development led to various further training courses, ranging from communication training, mediation and moderation to a three-year professional training as a systemic supervisor and coach. She has been part of the veritas consulting team since July 2022.

O. M.

studied ethnology, art history and political science and is currently training to become a systemic consultant. Before joining veritas, he worked for several years as a university lecturer and as a project coordinator in science communication. The topic of conspiracy narratives has accompanied him since his master's thesis, in which he intensively studied media depictions of neo-shamanism and neo-pagan esotericism.

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Michael Butter

Prof. Dr. Michael Butter is Professor of American Literary and Cultural History at the University of Tübingen.

Pia Lamberty

Social psychologist and author Pia Lamberty is executive director at the non-profit Center for Monitoring, Analyse & Strategie (CeMAS).

Dr. Marius Raab

Dr. Marius Raab researches the psychology of conspiracy ideologies at the University of Bamberg.

Dorothee Scholz

Dorothee Scholz, psychological psycho­therapist, offers preventive psychological support, therapeutic interventions and resilience training for victims of hate speech and digital violence.

Prof. Dr. Jan Skudlarek

Prof. Dr. Jan Skudlarek is a philosopher, non-fiction author and professor for social work.

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