Dubious sources and alternative facts are shared in your family chat?

You are unsure how to deal with conspiracy­believers in your environment and this situation stresses you?

Your colleague claims that we live in a dictatorship and are deprived of fundamental rights?

The Counseling Center

Since we currently receive a lot of inquiries and work mainly in our home office, we ask you to send consulting inquiries by e-mail. This way we can better answer your request.

veritas – the counseling center for those affected by conspiracy narratives – supports the environment of people who believe in conspiracies. We give advise if you feel burdened by people who spread conspiracy narratives. We want to alleviate your suffering pressure and possibly also enable you to re-establish a relationship with the person in question.

We work resource- and solution-oriented to enable you to strengthen strained relationships again. Even without directly cooperating with the conspiracy-believing persons, a long-term change can thus be set in motion. Because from our experience we know that the social environment can have a significant influence on people.

Our offer

Counseling families
and environment

We offer counseling by phone, mail, a secure video tool or on-site in our counseling rooms in Berlin.
Our offer is free of charge, confidential, individual case-oriented and can also be used anonymously if desired.

Support for

In addition to counseling families and the environment of conspiracy believers, we also offer support for professionals in whose everyday life – whether clients or colleagues – conspiracy narratives play a role. In addition, we are available to teachers and school social workers who notice changes in everyday school life.

Counseling on
child welfare

In addition, we offer consultation for child and youth welfare professionals on issues of child welfare in the context of conspiracy narratives according to §8a SGB VIII.

Self-help group
for affected persons

For those affected by conspiracy narratives, veritas offers a self-help group at regular intervals. In moderated meetings, affected persons from Berlin and the surrounding area exchange information and can thus learn from each other's experiences of dealing with people who believe in conspiracies.

Dissociation support

veritas supports people with advice and guidance who want to distance themselves from conspiracy narratives or have initial doubts about them.

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