Civic Education

32,3 %

say they trust their feelings more than so-called experts*

24,2 %

believe the media and politics are in cahoots*

Conspiracy narratives have probably always existed. But especially since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, they present us with great social challenges.

Social workers and adult educators are also repeatedly confronted with conspiracy narratives in their work. Therefore, veritas offers a certification course on dealing with conspiracy narratives for educational professionals. Participants will learn about the history of conspiracies, their psychological impact, and links to gender, anti-Semitism, violence, and health.

6-module certified further education to become a multiplier in youth (social) work and adult education in the field of conspiracy narratives

In addition to background knowledge about conspiracy narratives, participants learn pedagogical tools and methods as well as approaches in counseling and dealing with supporters or their relatives. A further focus is on networked learning, collegial exchange and reflection on one's own attitude towards the complex of topics. The training is designed to be practice-oriented and participation can be certified by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. This takes place in the last module of the further training. To ensure the quality of the certification course, the course is evaluated externally.

Certification Course 2021/2022

The 2021/2022 training series has been completed. As soon as the invitation to tender for the next training is open, we will inform you here and in our newsletter.


*Source: Andreas Zick, Beate Küpper (Hg.): Die geforderte Mitte. Rechtsextreme und demokratiegefährdende Einstellungen in Deutschland 2020/2021. Dietz Verlag 2021.

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