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32,3 %

say they trust their feelings more than so-called experts*

24,2 %

believe the media and politics are in cahoots*

Recent years show that in times of crisis, people often resort to conspiracy narratives to explain complex events and changing dynamics. New crises are therefore accompanied by new conspiratorial narratives. The way conspiracy narratives function and operate, however, remains essentially the same. Because conspiracy narratives are often connectable to anti-human ideologies, they can serve as radicalization accelerators and pose a threat to democratic societies.

6-module certified further education to become a multiplier in youth (social) work and adult education in the field of conspiracy narratives

In order to be able to react adequately and professionally to the spread of the conspiracy belief, its social as well as political and socio-psychological dimensions must be taken into account. For social workers and adult educators, too, it is becoming increasingly important to acquire not only a sound knowledge of the structure and current manifestations of conspiracy narratives, but also knowledge of specific pedagogical challenges and the resulting possibilities for action in this field of phenomena.

Certification Course 2023/2024

Contents of the further training

  • Deepening in the areas of anti-Semitism, anti-feminism, queer hostility, right-wing extremism and disinformation.
  • Focus on various current manifestations and issues, for example in the context of climate change, war, migration, and esotericism
  • History of conspiracy narratives
  • Social psychological effects of conspiracy narratives
  • Pedagogical handling of conspiracy narratives and narrators
  • Presentation, testing and reflection of methods
  • Self-reflection and further development of professional attitude
  • Collegial exchange and networking

Working Methods

We strive for an appreciative and error-friendly working atmosphere in which questions and uncertainties have room. A basic attitude critical of discrimination is equally important to us.

The goal of the training is to deal with the complex of topics in terms of content and methodology. To achieve this, we work with a combination of inputs, group work and various (analog and digital) methods. The connection to the respective work experiences of the participants is central for us.

Target Group

Pedagogical professionals, political educators, multipliers from youth (social) work and youth welfare services.

Further training to become a multiplier

The training should enable the participants to train people in their region to deal with conspiracy narratives in youth work and adult education. In addition to imparting knowledge about conspiracy narratives, we will therefore also try out methods together that are suitable for the further education of adults in this subject area.


1st module: September 5-7, 2023 (in Berlin)
2nd module: October 13-14, 2023 (in Berlin)
3rd module: November 16-17, 2023 (online)
4th module: January 18/19, 2024 (online)
Methods workshop (optional): February 23, 2024 (online)
5th module: March 7/8, 2024 (online)
6th module: April 22 (online) and April 26/27, 2024 (in Berlin)


Modules 1, 2 and 6 are planned as face-to-face modules in Berlin. In the digital modules we work with the software Zoom.


The participation fee is 300,00€ (reduction possible). Travel and accommodation costs to the classroom modules in Berlin will be covered in accordance with the German Federal Travel Expenses Act.


All participants will receive a certificate of participation. In order to receive certification from the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, participants must submit a concept for a practical module and present a method from it.


The 2023/2024 certification course is already full. If you are interested in further training or workshops on conspiracy narratives, please feel free to email us at


The course is funded by the German Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.

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*Source: Andreas Zick, Beate Küpper (Hg.): Die geforderte Mitte. Rechtsextreme und demokratiegefährdende Einstellungen in Deutschland 2020/2021. Dietz Verlag 2021.

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